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Some of you are not looking at the big picture

I attended the Blossom Show in Cuyahoga Hts on Wednesday. With regards to some of the DP die-hards that leave after Purple and show up after Ted, You are missing out on a lot of good music (not only from DP). I will preface this by saying I only went because of DP.

Acts like these are a vanishing breed and deserve our support. Besides the thunderstorm intro from Skynyrd and Ted's presence (well, Ted is Ted), tonight was all about music. My only concern is that there are no younger bands coming up to replace them. If these bands are out there, they are certainly not promoted over the over-hyped, no talent MTV posers we are subjected to.

All three acts played their hearts out!! All three acts are comprised of real musicians.

I won't go into the set lists (you all know what was played), but here is my brief review of all three bands:

Ted Nugent - Very high energy. I am about 10 years his junior, have a family and know a lot of guys younger than him who have decided to become old and boring, not Ted. It was as if you brought him back in a time capsule from 25 years ago and plopped him on the Blossom stage. And as far his guitar playing, he still has chops and plays with a lot of feeling. He does take that seriously (doesn't seem to take much else seriously, though). I can live without the flaming arrow, didn't do that tonight.

Deep Purple - Very professional, high-quality musicianship. It's been said in previous reviews that they are a fine-tuned machine. It showed up Wednesday night at Blossom. Steve Morse has always been a personal favorite of mine and he never disappoints. He has speed for sure, but he also has something else very few of his fellow speed demons have, he plays with great passion (and so does the rest of the band). You witnessed it on "When a Blind Man Cries".

As for you MIB fans, I listened to an interview with Ritchie recently, I think it was a mutual parting of the ways - he was no longer into it (although he could have left on better terms). [Just about correct on all counts. Rasmus] No ego's tonight, just five musicians enjoying the hell out of what they do and each other.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - My first time seeing them, didn't know what to expect. They were into it. Donnie Van Zandt was a great front man who knew how to work the crowd (and the crowd was very into it!). Played all the hits and saved the biggest hit for last (gee, guess which one). Great tripple guitar threat (you don't see that much anymore).

I brought my 17-year old daughter and some of her friend (needless to say, we didn't attend the Insync concert the next night at the stadium). My daughter enjoyed all three bands and we look forward to more shows like this as long as these guys still can do it. Note to DP, put "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" back into the set - my daughters favorite, she was a little bummed about that. She even bought a DP t-shirt, you owe her one.

By the energy level represented Wednesday night, we are safe for a little while yet. Several hours of great musicians enjoying themselves. Very eclectic mix of contrasting styles. My ears are ringing, but it's a good kind of ringing.

Ed Alisauskas

[Thanks for the review Ed. I caught two Lynyrd Skynyrd shows in Scandinavia last summer and enjoyed both of them immensely. Skynyrd are a great live band. Possibly nowhere as inventive night after night as Purple, but definitely a cooking bunch all the same. Rasmus]

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