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This show was recorded for "possible" DVDrelease. All I can say is if it's released, BUY IT!!

I won't go into the setlist as others have gone into that. I'll only comment that as a LONG time Deep Purple fan, the setlist was very entertaining. Covered all aspects of the bands history. GREAT set.

Now for the particulars, at least as particular as I want to be. The band was as TIGHT as a... well, you get the idea. The band was ON. They were just about flawless. Although I love Steve Morse and the stuff he recorded with DP was reproduced flawlessly, the old stuff missed Ritchie. Just my opinion. I'm probably a little biased. "Highway Star" can't be played by anyone else.

But Steve has definitely rejuvenated the band and it's obvious he's happy, Ian's happy and Jon especially has developed a musical connection with Steve. The guys are on the same page musically. My only "negative" (although not really) comment is about Ian. Although he was having a great time, and for the most part his vocals were on, he was obviously a bit "relaxed" and flubbed his lines a few times.

Overall, this show was a 8.5-9 out of 10. I've seen DP 7 times, 3rd with this line up. This show was the best I've seen with the current line-up. My seats were stage left, Steve's side, 5th row, right next to the camera guy working the boom camera. The sound was great. Like I said, if they release this on DVD, buy it. I will. Again.

Scott Fansler

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