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An aesthetic contribution to Spirit

There's nothing quite as exciting as a Deep Purple show. The intoxication begins well before hand, with that one tantalizing click of the mouse upon the tour dates link at The Highway Star... Alas! Shows within a day's drive! Which makes "No One Came" a most amusing piece for me, as I've logged several thousand miles on the odometer (over land and sea) and never once regretted it! Plans are made, directions sought out, e-mails sent, supplies gathered, and somehow things pull together as if by magic when at last, the day arrives with much thrill and anticipation.

Four of us made the two-and-a-half hour trip from upstate New York to Scranton, PA on Tuesday 12 June to see a most amazing performance by DP. What can I say that hasn't been said? It was fantastic. For me, the highlight was "When A Blind Man Cries", a very soulful rendition of such a passionate song.

The energy of the evening had spiraled, much like the clay on a potter's wheel. Group and audience were very enmeshed, spinning, moulding, pushing, fashioning plateaus and curves, and in the end the experience itself was a work of art to be treasured. I will never tire of the music, it is simply enchanting!

The set lists have been posted, comments made. I'm not a critic, just a grateful admirer! Thanks DP for the aesthetic contribution to Spirit - it's what makes us love you so much, what makes us feel in tune with each other and the world.

Hello to Angie, thanks for remembering me in your review!

Suzanne Quinn

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