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Every moment was energetic

This show was amazing and absolutely brilliant.

I enjoyed all three acts, and here's a little bit about each:

Ted Nugent - Amazing. I arrived in the middle of the first song and after I sat down, he really had the crowd going (including me). His guitar skills were really amazing and his vocals were great too. He was also great on the stage and I think everybody who was there enjoyed the performance. The only thing I was a little bit disappointed with was that there wasn't that big of a crowd when he performed. A lot of people missed him which was a shame.

Deep Purple - Absolutely tremendous. I am a big Deep Purple fan and they really had a great set list and performed great. They also had the crowd going, except a lot of the crowd left when they played "When A Blind Man Cries", which I was a little disappointed with because it is a great song.

And also, being a 13-year-old who loves Deep Purple and classic rock, a lot of people sitting near me were quite surprised to see me singing along to all the songs. [Way to go!! The youth of today, huh? Excellent! :-) Rasmus] Deep Purple was also very good on their instruments. Steve Morse was great on guitar, Ian Gillan did great vocals, Jon Lord was amazing at the keyboard, and Ian Paice was great on drums. I also liked how Ian Gillan not only sang but used the bongos and the tambourine. I liked how he tried to also have some musical talent with instruments, not only vocals. All in all, Deep Purple was absolutely amazing and I hope they will go on tour soon again.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Great. Lynyrd Skynryd really did a great job. Although I wasn't quite familiar with the first couple of songs, they started playing older ones, which I really liked. The only thing I was a little disappointed with was that they didn't have as much energy as the first acts. The only time they really had a lot of energy was at the end. They did a great job with "Sweet Home Alabama," which is also one of my favorite songs by them.

Also, they were very good musically on their instruments. They had a great drummer, a great vocalist, a great bassist, and great guitarists. All in all, they were pretty good.

When you add everything up in this concert, overall it was tremendous and brilliant, and any classic rock fan would really like it. I also picked up a great Deep Purple shirt which I really like.

Andrew Hecht

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