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Deep Purple were great!

Just got home from tonight's show at the Tweeter Center. Just went to see Deep Purple. Deep Purple was absolutely fantastic!!!! We had to sit through Ted Nugent, but oh well, what are you going to do (drink!)? Deep Purple came on stage and wow, I'll tell you, they are so awesome. They should be the headliner.... that's for sure!!!!! They were great. I have been a fan for many years, have all the CD's, DVD's, etc. It was my first time seeing them and I didn't sit down the whole time. I loved it...

They sounded great, Ian was great - the whole band was awesome. They went on around 7:40 and stopped about 8:50 or so. The set list included (not in order):

"Woman From Tokyo"
"Ted The Mechanic"
"Knocking At Your Back Door"
"Pictures Of Home"
"When A Blind Man Cries"
"Perfect Strangers"
"Smoke On The Water"
"Highway Star"

The Show Was Fantastic...

Ian looked fit and trim, prancing around barefoot and was very gracious and appreciative of the crowd. He said he felt good vibes from the audience... Let's face it, with Nugent and Skynyrd on the bill, Deep Purple were a bit out of place but stole the show quickly winning over the confederate flag toting, southern fried rock types...

By far, Deep Purple was the only band to see!

Ritchie Blackmore was not missed whatsoever. We watched the new DVD ("Come Hell Or High Water") before the show tonight and were very glad to see and hear how much better the band is with the addition of Steve Morse.

The onstage smiles and musicianship speak volumes...

All and all a great show. If they come to your town, this show is a must see, Deep Purple is worth the trip.

P.S. DP, et al. please come to the U.S. more often, we love you and you should be headlining the shows. We want to hear more great songs...

Dean Notesfield

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