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They were phenomenal!

I just got back from the Houston show. I must say that the band was in excellent form. Ian Gillan and Steve Morse were tops. Ian has a much more dignified look that he had on the previous tour and his singing and stage presence has never been better. With regard to Steve Morse, I know alot of old Blackmore fans may feel he doesn't fill the spot, but I think that he is a better guitar player for Deep Purple now than Ritchie would be at this point. I should note that I am one of the biggest Blackmore fans on the planet, but Steve brings a fresh perspective to the band's sound, and he rips! I think this band surprised a lot of the younger people, even though I would bet that a lot of their playing still went over their heads. I hope they add some dates to their present tour. Maybe some club dates with longer set lists.

Harold Favret

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