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Don't ever quit...

It's 11:30 in the morning as I sit and write this. I live in Poughkeepsie, NY and I saw the Deep Purple show in Scranton last night.

These guys are the upmost in music. They have not missed a beat. I must say I was not disappointed with them at all. I do believe as the rest of the reviews I have read that they should have been the headliner. I like both the other bands also but I have been listening to Deep Purple since 1968 and I am HUGE Steve Morse fan. I have been going to Dixie Dregs show since 1978.

Deep Purple kicked ass. I seen them back in 1998 in CT. during the "A.Band.On.Tour" - that was the first time since the 70s. That show fitted them more. Dream Theater, ELP and DP. They were the headliner and they played alot longer with mixing new stuff and old.

They dont fit in with that southern rock stuff.

I hope they come back again only this time as the headliner.

These guys are the best kept secret out there. They are classic rock but they are still doing new stuff and are a lot more professional than they ever been. These guys put the SOUL and FEELING into music. I call it music because I hate labels.

And MUSIC is where it's at... Dont ever quit...

Bob Gardinor

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