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India to Ohio

I happened to get a chance to see Purple again in a period of 2 months. The last time being in Bangalore, India.

The touring doesn't seem to have any effect on them, in fact they have gotten better. The evening opened with Ted Nugent and then Deep Purple took to the stage. Most of the fans were waiting for Lynyrd Skynyrd, and hence it looked like we were the only ones who were enjoying Purple music. Purple opened with "Woman From Tokyo" and then went on to play "Ted The Mechanic", "Fools", "When A Blind Man Cries", "Lazy" and "Perfect strangers" among others.

The highlight of the evening was "Smoke On The Water". Steve Morse simply dazzled with a superb mix of classic rock songs like "Stairway To Heaven", "Sweet Home Alabama" etc., before the song.

Gillan's vocals are still the same....age does not seem to have done anything to them. On some songs he amazed the crowd by following the guitar solos with some superb screaming. Purple came back for the encore to play "Hush" and "Highway Star". No Purple fan went home disappointed. Gillan, Morse, Lord, Paice and Glover - you still rule!!!!!

Long live Deep Purple.

Somesh Nagthan

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