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Another great flawless show

This was my second time seeing Deep Purple. My first was just a few short years ago, when I wound up with front row seats during the "A.Band.On.Tour" - hard to beat.

Last night I ended up 18 rows back, so consequently my first show was better. The set list looks to be the same as listed on this site with a couple exceptions: No "Hey Cisco" or "Hush", but they did throw in a portion of "You Really Got Me" although I could swear I heard that the last time as well.

I was really hoping for "Watching The Sky" or "Any Fule Kno That", but no. In fact other than "Ted The Mechanic" a real lack of later material But it was such a great show none the less.

I hope I get another chance to see a longer show. Another great flawless show by DP, but they could stand to add a few songs or another hour to the set.

Tim McCray

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