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Roger Glover moons Lynyrd Skynyrd

A wonderful time was had by all! I know, we've all heard it - read it - been told it... but now I've actually seen it. These guys were havin' fun! I haven't seen Purple since the "Perfect Strangers" tour - of course I've bought all the albums and saw the H.O.B show on the web a couple years ago. There is no way they could have been more comfortable and happy on this stage - Roger just flowed all over the place, Ian G. - kackied, barefoot and relaxed tangoed lightly across the stage - I too was prepared for par vocals - he sounded really, really great. The distinguished Jon Lord flawlessly played his B3 wizardry. And Paul McCartney's drummer played these songs like he's done it for 30 years! And then there was Steve - playing with more enthusiasm than when I last saw him in Kansas and first saw him with the Dixie Dregs in the late 70s (and that was a lot!). No stress, no worries just havin' plain FUN!

I was put under the impression that this tour was very well planned and thought out. Yes, it was a 70s/early 80s showcase - but who would think that Deep Purple would be well placed with the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd? Well, it worked! And what convinced me more of this than anything else was seeing Roger, Ian P. and Steve up there on the stage with Skynyrd's wives/back-up singers. I knew that the Lynyrd Skynyrd band was one big happy family... but I've got news for ya - they've adopted a few new kids! I haven't taken the time to read any other reviews besides David's of the same show - so as far as I know, being their last show of the tour with Skynyrd... This was the first time the boys joined to sing "Sweet Home Alabama". All three of them were having a blast! Steve wanted them to throw him a guitar - but instead he had to settle for one of my latest model air guitars... And Roger! He must have been hanging round the Nuge too much backstage - cause he sure got a wild streak in him when he MOONED one of the Skynyrd members across the stage (not sure who - my guess was Leon, he seemed to be a little wilder than usual on stage too) I couldn't believe it! I had always envisioned and seen a mild mannered Mr. Glover - this was so cool!

The set list was about what I expected - but no "Space Truckin'" (fine by me) and as far as I know (so far) Dave's listing was pretty accurate. Two of my favourites would have to be "Fools" and "No One Came" both show-cased Morse solos, where the originals with Ritchie lacked - which I thought to be cool... No comparing, no outplayin' here... These were Steve Morse's touch and flare - great stuff! And yes, I agree with David, and my Blackmore-fanatic friend that accompanied me to the show that sometimes Steve's solos are a bit scale-ly, but I totally would disagree when you would say non-melodic. I love both Ritchie's and Steve's style - us Purple fans have been truly blessed...

You know, I love the song "When a Blind Man Cries" and they played it extremely well, but I think that it was the low point of the set - only because they nearly lost us - drunk, sunburnt Texans (I'm a transplant from the north by the way). I think there was much more classic Purple they could have played to maintain the intensity (more "In Rock" material would have been cool for example!). One other comment, or what would be a comparison I guess - unlike the olden days - all the instruments and each artist seemed to be very well balanced on stage, which was nice, but for my taste (being a former guitar player), I'd prefer to here more guitar up front. The solos, however good - did not reach out and grab ya (due to the mix) and when playing rhythm and fills - I like hearing the guitar ride just a little above the rhythm organ - thus making it a little heavier sounding.

Well, this is about all I'll have to say for now except... Thanks guys - enjoyed the hell out of it, and come back to Houston soon!

Mark Hoffman

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