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I was in awe...

My dad got me into Deep Purple since as long as I can remember! I'm only 15 now and had a great time June 5! It has always been a dream to see these guys on stage. At the stadium they announced there were to be DVDs of Dave Mason's and Deep Purple's sets.

Dave Mason came out and unfortunately everyone had to sit through his stuff and pretend to like it. I really didnt care for this guy... I WANTED TO SEE DEEP PURPLE!

Well, Dave Mason ended and everybody applauded in consideration for the band. The announcer dude came out and told us to applaud for a minute so they could edit some of the applause into the DVD. We did as told, then they had us applaud in a normal stance, some sitting some standing and once again we did as told.

Time passed they took some curtains down and soon enough people where on their feet as Deep Purple came out! It was very cool way to start the concert... "Woman From Tokyo"! I was on my feet! As songs passed I had been on my feet cheering the whole time. "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" really got me excited because I like that song. "Mary Long" was a great song and I have always liked "Perfect Strangers". The lasers, the keyboards, the guitars, WOW! What a song! "Smoke On The Water", probably the best known Deep Purple song in the world, was absolutely well performed. It was so well performed by Morse! I never got to hear Blackmore live but after hearing Morse.... WHO REALLY CARES?

I have always liked "Hush" and was glad to see it performed live. "Highway star" was a great way to end the concert and was very well done.

Excellent solos by Paice, Morse, and Lord. Glover is very appreciative with his audience and Gillan is just great! I was very happy with how enthusiastic the band was and just on their feet the whole time. I was so impressed with the way they played. It was just... I was in awe... They were great.

Songs I did want them to play include "Pictures Of Home", "Fireball", "Black Night", "Anyone's Daughter", "Child In Time", "Seventh Heaven" and well (he he) all of them!

My only disappointment was having to sit through Dave Mason to hear Deep Purple!!! You guys rock. I hope I get to see them next year!!!

Danny Ferguson

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