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One of my favorite Purple performances

I just had to send in a review of last night's great rock concert. All three groups were on. The audience was the most into it crowd I have ever seen, and I have been to a lot of concerts over the years.

Ted was just amazing on guitar. He plays even faster than in the 70's. He is the perfect opener. The guys gets you into the rock and roll mood. Then comes the Masters of Rock, the majestic Deep Purple. This concert rates as one of my favorite Purple performances, (despite the short set)! They were really tight and into it last night. It was the best version of "Lazy" that I have ever heard in person. In fact it might even surpass the "Made In Japan" version!

Jon Lord was really playing good last night. His mix was the best I have heard in the nine Deep Purple concerts that I have been to. Ian's voice sounded great, he still can hit the high notes, wow. Roger was rock steady as always and Steve still impresses me every time. Paice was in the groove and his technique is better than ever.

The set list was, I think?... "Woman From Tokyo", "Ted The Mechanic", "Lazy", "Knocking At Your Back Door", "Pictures Of Home", "Fools", "Perfect Strangers", "Smoke On The Water", and "Hush" and "Highway Star" were the encore selections.

Deep Purple won over the mostly Skynryd crowd, which was wonderful to see. This was one of the most fun nights of rock and roll that I have ever had. I just hope that they come back soon to America. Maybe do a House of Blues tour again. When and if they come back this year I will be there. If you are on the fence about going to see this tour, believe me go, you will be very glad you did. Deep Purple are playing as well as they ever have, including the '70's heydays. No Lie. Take care rock fans. Oh how could I forget? They also played a beautiful version of "When A Blind Man Cries", so they played 11 songs and it lasted around 1hour, 15-20 minutes. Take care and keep rocking.

Richard Woodhouse

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