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A Zep fan's impressions

Last nite at Jones Beach, Ted Nugent, Deep Purple and Lynyrd Skynyrd put on a great show. Nugent went on first, he played a pretty high energy set, as always.

Deep Purple came on next, and they put out a great set. I'm not a big fan of DP, but I was able to recognize most of their songs. The high point of their set was obviously "Smoke On The Water". On the intro to this, they started with a snippet from "Stairway To Heaven" which started with Jimmy's solo and went through the fast rock section (no vocals though), and then they played snippets of other songs such as, AC/DC's "Back In Black", something from The Who, a small piece of Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama", and a few other songs before going into "Smoke On The Water", which absolutely rocked.

The "Stairway" part was played with a spacey sounding guitar which gave it that sort of Deep Purple spaced out sound. It was very cool. Also notable was the guitar on the "Back In Black" piece, he handled the riff quite well and threw his own style into it as well.

Skynyrd put on a great show as well. I have seen them a couple times before, and they spiced up their set a bit - definitely for the better. Anyways, being a Zep fan first and foremost I obviously noticed the slight Zep sounds straight away. If anyone was there and has some audio from any of the sets I'd like a copy.

Bobby Giampia

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