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Well worth the trip

Another sprint through the back catalogue which ended way too soon, but I guess they don't have much of a choice. Nevertheless, Purple came out determined to decimate and took the place by storm.

We were sitting surrounded by Skynyrd fans but you'd never guess. During "Smoke" and the encores they were going crazy like everybody else. "Fools" had me mesmerized, though the ending sounded rather uninspired, I think they should play it the way it's done on the album, with that dramatic baroque organ blast. That would make it a small masterpiece.

Gillan was unbelievable, belting out screams like it was 1972. Having dropped some pounds (a lot in fact) he also looks more like Gillan of old, except for the haircut which still comes as a shock. So, it was well worth the trip just to hear "When A Blind Man Cries" again and "Fools" for the first time. Now, when is that Florida DVD coming out?

Kris Borzym

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