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Here's the Set list:
"Woman From Tokyo"
"Ted The Mechanic"
"No One Came"
"Pictures Of Home"
"Perfect Strangers"
"When A Blind Man Cries"
Classic Guitar Riffs Medley by Steve Morse (accompanied by Paice and Glover)
"Smoke On The Water"
"Highway Star"

There's only one word to describe the July 3rd show at Sandstone Amphitheater - WOW! The Heavy Metal Pioneers were indeed very impressive and lived up to their reputation, if not exceeded it. Where do I start...? The impressive Set List... or Ian Gillan... or Steve Morse... or Ian Paice... or Jon Lord... or Roger Glover... WOW! The Band was having a lot of fun and played effortlessly. Great band... great solos (although Paice didn't play one... sigh)...great arrangements... great intro to "Smoke On The Water" (Steve Morse's classic guitar riffs medley)... great weather.

Didn't expect to hear "Fools" or "No One Came" - that was a great surprise and Steve Morse did an extraordinary job preserving the "Deep Purple SOUND" from the 70s. It was almost like he has been with the band longer than he actually has.

When it comes to live shows, Deep Purple, in my opinion, always gives the audience 200%. Although most of these songs are approximately 30 years old, they sounded very refreshing. For Deep Purple fans all over the world - don't miss them if they play anywhere near where you live, 'coz you will get what you expect and MORE.

Impressive!! WOW!!!!

Ram Swaminathan

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