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My face still hurts from smiling

I arrived in the city at 5:30 just in time to stroll over to a well known beer hall to have a liter of beer and a quick shot (thanks to the kind purple fans I met there). A half hour later I stroll over to the show get my seat and get ready for some good old rock and roll.

I had not seen Ted since about 1983 and wondered if he still had the energy. Well he does, with attitude. He was very entertaining saying things like "I am going to play you the #1 guitar lick in the history of the world" before launching into "Cat Scratch Fever". Kinda corny but funny. Then he adds a "no shit" after he is done. Very funny after a few beers I must say.

Next up: Deep Purple. All I can say is WOW! Last time I saw them was during the "Perfect Strangers" tour in 1985. That was great but this line-up is unreal! I agree with the other reviews that they all seem to have such a great time. It translated into the audience as well. There were lots of genuine smiles. Steve Morse's guitar playing was fantastic. Being a guitarist myself I have always read about him but never really gave him a listen. Now I can hardly get enough if it. The guy is great! I could tell he was having a good time. It was like he was a fan up there playing with his heroes while adding so much to the overall quality of the sound.

Ian was looking and sounding great as well. I have always enjoyed his voice. Even the Sabbath record he did with that nasty cover - you know the one! He is just as great as ever! Lots of energy and his voice is superb. What a sound!

I am a big Lynyrd Skynyrd fan as well and enjoyed their show too. But Purple stole the show. Can't wait to see them again. I'll be looking for the DVD!

Thanks guys for such a good time. To sum it up like some others, Ritchie who? My throat still hurts from screaming and my face still hurts from smiling. What a great show!

Michael Carnevale

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