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A magical night in Noblesville

This may be the single night attendance record for this package tour (22,000 - they were expecting about 10-12,000). In my opinion three major factors contributed to this literally huge crowd - perfect summer concert weather, a Friday night and the fact that lawn seats were 2 for 1 at $15 a pop! Now that's how to pack a venue. The crowd loved Purple and Ian sounded great (so did the rest of the guys). It was clear they were enjoying the super enthusiastic full on party crowd! The crowd was just nuts and people were really blowin' off some steam, it was amazing. This was a true festival atmosphere. Security and police were tolerant of just about everything - as long as nobody was getting hurt it was anything goes! What can I say - thanks to everyone involved in producing this super package tour! Set list about the same as MI, although they played "Hush" and the crowd sang along and went wild! Thank You Ian, Jon, Ian, Roger and Steve!

Jimmy Cain

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