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Everyone was smiling

It was a superb show. Opening with "Woman From Tokyo" was totally appropriate. We heard "Fly into the rising sun, faces smiling everyone" just as the sun was blasting across the amphitheatre (although technically it was setting) across the smiling faces of the crowd, and I assure you everyone was smiling.

Ian was in fine-fine-fine form. His hilarious entrance (after Ted's flaming arrow stunt) with a fake arrow through his head, staggering around like he'd just been shot set the mood for us. [Photos!!! Rasmus.] The band seemed in a really good mood, joking around. Jon was, what can I say except very very excellent. Paicey and Roger were superbly solid in keeping the beat. Steve was "in-f'in-credible" and as I said Ian Gillan was totally in, I mean he hit just about every single note dead on. It was my wife's first Purple show and she could not believe Ian could sound so incredibly amazing. I pointed out that being a god makes it easy.

The set list was "Woman From Tokyo," "Ted The Mechanic," "Lazy" (an amazing rendition), "Fools" (my favourite), "Knocking At Your Back Door," "When A Blind Man Cries" (beautiful), "Smoke On The Water," "Perfect Strangers," then the encores of "Hush" and "Highway Star" (I think I may have missed one, and I most likely mucked up the order).

Ian commented on how he felt the good vibes from the audience who were on their feet a lot of the show. Standing O's on every song. The fans were embracing every minute of this show. These were Purple people revelling in the moment of an awe inspiring performance before them. Well, I tried to send all the positive vibes I could and you could feel the energy of the band and audience working together.

I would have sat there all night listening to them. The set was not as long as I would have liked but I suppose its always like that, they always leave you with the feeling that you just cant wait to see them again. I love these guys, they are the absolute BEST, no one even comes close. Thanks for the magic.

Grant Roadknight

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