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My rock and roll heroes

When I caught wind of this tour, I waited by my computer until the moment the tickets went on sale. This certainly paid off as my seats were in the 7th row for this extraordinary show. I like Nugent, but couldn't get there in time. I like Skynyrd, but not after a Deep Purple show. No band should ever follow Deep Purple. "Machine Head" was the first album I ever purchased, and I still say, the very best. This was my 4th time seeing this amazing band, and they are better than ever.

Without reviewing the setlist, I'll just say that every song was a gem; a gem to be savored and cherished. Deep Purple consists of seemingly great guys who are each masters of their respective instruments (including Gillan's voice).

Each member of this band is a phenomenon in and of himself. Paice, Gillan, Glover, Lord, Morse are each amazing. And together they are...?? Well - I'm speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being in the 7th row, you really get a sense that these fine gentlemen really enjoy themselves on stage. It was still light outside when the set began (unfortunately), but the band members clearly made strong attempts to make eye-contact with those of us close to the stage. This was nice. I felt embarrassed that seemingly 90 per cent of the audience were there to see Skynyrd, as Deep Purple's reception was rather cool. There I am, dying that my heros are on stage, and the crowd was flat. In spite of this, Ian Gillan thanked them for their great reponse to their first few songs. What a gentleman!!! This crowd was beneath them, I thought. Too many confederate flags. However, by the time "Smoke On The Water", "Highway Star", and "Hush" rolled around they finally were in to it.

Well, there I was, 42 years old and in my glory... a beautiful night, 7th row, my rock and roll heroes... What more could anyone ask for?????

Thank you Ian, Roger, Ian, Jon, and Steve for every note and for reminding me that getting older isn't so bad; especially if you guys are along for the ride. I will continue to attend every show that comes my way forever. You should always be the headline/marquis act everywhere you play. No band anywhere can upstage you. Please keep coming back to Pittsburgh!!!!

David L. Blinn

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