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I didn't stop smiling through the entire show

What a band! Just got back from the DP show in Mansfield and all I can say is way cool! I have seen the band many times and they never cease to amaze. Tonight's show was great fun. All the band members are at the top of their game. I saw them in 1998 but I think they have gotten even better.

I wondered how Ian's voice would sound after playing two nights in a row before this show. Well right from "Woman From Tokyo" you could tell he was 100 percent. Everyone looks great and quite relaxed and happy. The music was beyond description. "Fools" was probably the best live performance of a Purple song I have ever heard. "Hush", which was not an all time favorite of mine, was great. Ian's vocals really cut through on this one. I thought it was very cool that he brought a little girl up on stage and sang a few lines with her. There were a lot of kids there. It's nice to see them getting a proper rock & roll education.

Steve's medley was amazing. I caught bits of "Oh Well", "Tush", "Johnny B. Goode", "Sunshine Of Your Love" and a killer version of "Stairway To Heaven". Led Zep wishes they sounded as good! Ian Paice was as sharp as ever, as was Roger. Steve fits this band like a glove. I think he played better than in 1998, fewer "tricks" and more tasteful licks. I didn't stop smiling through the entire show. Jon Lord's keyboard work is unique and powerful. Just a class act all around.

I'm glad there is still real music played by real people out there to enjoy. Thanks guys.

Frank Fitzgerald

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