[ d e e p P u r . p l e ) The Highway Star

B3 chills my spine

Saturday night, Texas summer heat, rock, and blues
Present the stinking hippy an' throw the naked thunder to the crowd!

Roger Glover and Ian Paice were solid rock! Those boys can still really lay it down. Steve Morse was phenomenal as we all expected. My wife (not exactly a headbanger) loved him. The extra syncopation in "Smoke" was very cool. Jon Lord's B3 looked like it might have been tipped a few times in the past (hmmm?). We'd all love to see him bump it around a bit. And please, put a dozen mikes on those twin Leslie's and make 'em spin! Nobody sends chills up my spine like Jon's Hammond. Ian's voice is quintessential and still full of energy. I would have loved to hear "Child" but, I'm sure night after night of that would kill anyone's cords. The grand scream made its presence known enough on "Tokyo" and "Highway Star". And, Ian's harmonica during "Lazy" was real nice. Once again though, the bass and drums were especially powerful. Thanks guys.

The set was like previous shows...

"Woman From Tokyo"
"Ted The Mechanic"
"Knocking At Your Back Door"
"No One Came"
"Perfect Strangers"
"When A Blind Man Cries"
"Smoke On The Water"

Encore: "Hush" and "Highway Star"

with perhaps one or two more that I can't recall exactly.

Jack Collins

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