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Fan for life

I finally had the chance to see my favorite rock band of all time. I was only 13 years old when DP broke up in 1976, so I was not very familiar with them although I do remember seeing their 1972 "Machine Head" album at a neighbor's house and I always thought that it was a real cool album cover.

When they reformed in 1984 for the "Perfect Strangers" album and I heard that album I was hooked for life. So finally, after 17 years of waiting I had my chance and I was very pleased with the entire concert.

I did not recognize Ian Gillan at first, until I realized that he had cut most of his hair off. Jon Lord, who just turned 60 last month, can still bang those ivory keys with such passion and flare. Roger Glover and Ian Paice have not changed a bit except for maybe a little gray but still kicked ass on bass and drums. I was very impressed with Steve Morse. I do not think that DP could have picked a more perfect guitarist to take Ritchie's place than Steve. He did a little medley of music that lasted maybe four minutes that included music of Nazareth, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, with each song lasting about 45 seconds each until they ran right into "Smoke On The Water" which kicked ass.

They played my two favorite songs in "Woman From Tokyo" and "Highway Star". I wished they could have played a lot longer but I can finally say that I saw the greatest rock'n'roll band of all time. These guys are so great that I have them in my e-mail address: kdeepheep.

Guys, I hope you can tour Houston, Texas again in the future because I will be there again. Keep playing that great music and see you guys on your next tour. Fan for life.

Steve Kapp

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