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I just got back from the Toronto show and I have to say that the boys were perfection tonight! My 17-year-old son treated me to the show as he knows how much the band means to me and as a musician himself he wanted to see the band with his dad, to see for himself if they are still as good as his dad maintained! He knows the music almost as well as me and also... unlike me.. he is able to play some of it.

After their set, Lynyrd were good but a bit repetitious... a bit like the last time I saw them... in '75. Ted Nugent - well, what can I say? You can always disguise a lack of ideas behind a lot of wah wah, but as a warmer-upper he was not as good as the acoustic dude before him.

A great night for an open air concert. But the boys stole the show for me. Pity it wasn't the long set!

Will Walton

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