[ d e e p P u r . p l e ) The Highway Star

A mexican point of view

Hello Purple fans, my name is Rogelio Matamoros and I flew from Mexico City to Dallas, Texas, to see Black Sabbath and Deep Purple at the same venue, Smirnoff Center, during a couple of days.

This was the fifth time that I had the oportunity to experience Deep Purple in concert - the other four were in Mexico City. The setlist was the same as in all the Texan dates and as you must know they play 'new' songs in the set like "Knocking At Your Back Door" but left out such hymns as "Pictures Of home".

The show was, as Ian Gillan use to say, superb, but it was a big disappointment that the Dallas audience sometimes doesn't take much care of the band they have onstage. It is incredible that when you have Deep Purple onstage playing a masterpiece like "Highway Star" there were people going for a beer, having a chat or just hanging around the place.

I really wish, to any of you readers, that sometime you could have the opportunity of attend a concert in any country in Latin America to see why a lot of bands love to come around here.

All the other bands on the bill were great and you have to be there to experience the emotion and madness that Lynyrd Skynyrd unleash on the crowd, but I still feel the creeps over my spine just remembering the intros of "Knocking At Your Back Door", "Perfect Strangers" and "Highway Star".

Long live Deep Purple.
Thank you very much.

Rogelio Matamoros

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