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Skynyrd blew me away

When it was announced that both Deep Purple and Lynyrd Skynyrd were playing, my man called me and said we were going, that's it, that's all. Now, I am one of the biggest Skynyrd fans and he is one of the biggest Purple fans, so it was a go. Not being too familiar with Deep Purple's music, I was a bit hesitant. We had seen them in Toronto two years ago and, to be honest, I went to appease him. I was really quite impressed. We then caught them in Toronto this year and, again, I was totally impressed, even singing to a couple tunes. We then caught their show in Buffalo at Darien Lake and WOW. I really enjoyed it. Steve had the crowd in the palm of his hand with his collection of riffs. I was even banging my head! My favourite song is "Hush" and it made my day when they came back on and did it. All I can say again is "WOW."

For those of you who left after Purple: I am sorry for you that you did not stay and witness one of Southern Rock's best. They blew me and the crowd away. There was no lull in the stands that night and it was, by far, the best show yet. This is truly a great coming together of two of the best bands around. Keep up the great work guys, you rock!!!!

Debbie Mettler

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