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Bombay to Kansas

I went to Sandstone Amphitheatre just to see Deep Purple, no Nugent, no Skynyrd, just to watch sweet 'ol Purple play their tunes. It's been really long since I saw them live. Last time it was on 8th April '95 in Bombay, India. Since then I was waiting for the live show and at last a dream came true "again".

They started with "Woman From Tokyo" (and Gillan commenting about how all songs are true stories) and ended with "Highway Star", I always used to think, hope they get Blackmore back to play with them, but yesterday I didn't miss Blackmore a bit. Kudos to Morse for all the songs he played especially the old Purple songs like "Hush". What can I say about Lord, his talent is beyond compare, coolest guy at his best. The show was amazing as Skynyrd fans also started jumping around as soon as they started playing "Smoke On The Water".

Overall the show was amazing, don't miss it for anything. I got to see some of the songs live which I never thought I would ever get to see live. Long live Purple !!!!!!

PS: The only thing I missed is Gillan's long hair. He looks like James T. Kirk with short hair ;)

Ashutosh Agte

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