[ d e e p P u r . p l e ) The Highway Star

It was FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Well firstly the meet and greet which we were very much looking forward to was cancelled due to a late flight apparently. So we didnt get to meet them. (brokenhearted)

But the concert more than made up for it. It was FANTASTIC!!!!!!

The support band (Nitrocis, young up and coming all girl band) did a great job of warming up the audience.

Then Deep Purple hit the stage with "Woman From Tokyo". "Ted The Mechanic" was next including a three-piece brass back up section, and a three-piece female backup group. Deep Purple sounded really rejuvenated, even better than the 1999 concert, which is amazing, coz they blew us away then.

Then followed:
"Mary Long" (the crowd loved this one)
"No One Came"
"Black Night" (when the whole audience went nuts and the security guards got heavy)
"Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming"
"Smoke On The Water"
"Perfect Strangers"
"When a Blind Man Cries" (at last, they did it! My favorite.)
"Speed King"
"Highway Star"

There was lots of comical interaction between Gillan and Morse during one song in particular, and "Highway Star" was dedicated to the marshall that lost his life at the Melb Grand Prix - a nice touch appreciated by all.

The whole night was just absolutely great, the whole audience really got right into it. We noticed a lot more younger people in the audience than two years ago, and all the comments I heard on the way out of the venue were positive. I'm so sad its all over. So sad I didn't get to meet them this time around. I just have to cross my fingers and hope this wasn't the last time I'll see them.

I went to bed with the biggest smile on my face and the sound of ringing in my ears. If only they recorded this one on video too - they were SO good!!


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