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First time in 20 years!

I am not too familiar with Deep Purple, not at least since I was at University 20 years ago. But we don't get as many major bands through Hong Kong as we should, so I was looking forward to seeing them play here.

The band came on without a support act, no brass or backing singers, and just went at it. The normally reserved HK crowd held back until "Smoke On The Water" and then they went wild.

The band was amazing. Musically faultless, most obvious was the guitar player who has to be one of the best I have seen, but not overlooking the equally flawless performance of everyone else. This is a great band that is clearly having fun.

The next day I flew to Tokyo, and who should I meet in the bar of my hotel? Jon Lord! I knew his name by then. He is a nice guy as well as being a great musician.

I would certainly see them again.


Chris White

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