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Brisbane Australia March 15, 2001

Well I didn't think this concert was going to be anywhere near as exciting as it was for me in 1999 when I saw Deep Purple play live for the first time. How wrong I was! This concert just showed me more!

I kinda wish "Child In Time" was left in the set list but something had to go to make was for some new little gems like "Mary Long" and "Fools" to mention but a couple.

To hear "Woman From Tokyo" straight up for me was just divine. As I mentioned in my review from the '99 show, that was the song that nailed me in as a true believer and ardent fan.

What a pleasure it is to watch musicians who not only know their craft so well that magic just happens when they are together, but that really look like they are enjoying every second of what they do. Makes my spine tingle.

The mix on every song was just excellent and the engineers behind the band are obviously the best as the sound was crystal clear even in the size-altered state of the Boondall Entertainment Centre. Disappointing crowd size but I bet tickets are harder to get next time these boys (and girls this time!) are in town. I didn't mind the addition of the singers and the horns and I really love that there are no over-the-top gimmicks and stage effects. They keep it simple with little more than a strobe light and some psychedelic images projected up on the back wall behind the stage. In this mode it allows you to soak up the music, which is what it's all about.

It's a killer machine - it's got everything!

Please come back again soon and Wow! us all over again.

Carolyn Richards

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