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Fantastic concert

This concert was just fantastic. The sound quality was good and the lighting fantastic. It was a top show.

These guys didn't stop for two hours (the lead singer did change his shirt and probably grabbed a well deserved drink), then when they quit and came back for an encore, they did about three more tunes. The whole night sounded as good as or even better than the original stuff from 30 years back.

I never got to go to a rock concert as a kid so March 5th 2001 was the one for me. Unlike other concerts I've been to where I've had to 'force myself' to enjoy it, the Deep Purple concert pleased me from start to finish and the same would apply to all the others who went along.

Ian Paice is a fantastic drummer, in control at all times, and has finesse and good feel. Steve Morse fits in well and never stopped smiling for two hours. These guys are great, bring them back!!!

Jonathan Lockyer

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