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What a show!

What a show. Definitely worth the approx. 400 km trip from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Sepang, Malaysia. The set list was the same as the Hong Kong show. I forgot the exact setlist.

Observations from being squeezed to the front row barrier opposite Mr Steve Morse.

1) Ian was wearing a Hawaiian shirt with khaki coloured knee length pants. He was shoeless. He later mentioned that it is the first time he's wearing the pants and doesnt know that the pockets was so deep. He was trying to dig out something, I dont know.

2) By the 3rd song, Ian was perspiring like hell. Remember, this is an open air gig and the humidity is intolerable to the guys I guess. Sweat was dripping like rain water from his pants, hahahaha.

3) Cockroach!!!! What looks like a cockcroach flies onto Ian's arm during "Ted The Mechanic", the second song, the instrumental section. It was hillarious looking at Ian having a gross look and stuggling to flip the insect away while wriggling about. After the cockroach had flied away, Ian turns to Jon and make a gesture as if he is eating the bug. I was wondering what would had happen had Ian was singing during that moment. Hey!! Ian is human too!!!

That's about it I guess. Every Deep Purple show has its own special moments for those who are there. And Kuala Lumpur was no different.


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