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Sorry to say this but I was very disappointed with the Sydney Gig.

I'd organised a group of 10 friends (all of whom grew up loving Deep Purple) to see the Deep Purple Concert "Louder Than Ever" on the strength of my ravings of the 1999 Abandon Tour. As usual the support band was "nothing to write home about", but then again Deep Purple didn't live up to expectations. Sure they played some older not so popular songs, but is wasn't until they played their more famous tracks, that's when the place really started to "ROCK'.

We had great seats but when I looked around the audience weren't really getting into it, hardly anyone was jumping, jiving or letting loose except when the boys played their famous hits, that's when the place really came alive! As soon as Deep Purple played more obscure songs the crowd went back to sleep. [Is this necessarily Deep Purple's fault? Ed.]

On the strength of what we saw and heard we'd only rate the show about 6 out of 10. Now at home my wife is so disgruntled she walks out of the room whenever I play my Deep Purple records and CD's.


A very unhappy Deep Purple fan.


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