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Ian Paice is God

We went to see the guys in Perth, from 200 kms away and may I say it was the best show ever!!!

I got tickets for my parents and us and they loved every minute of it. The sound was excellent and Paicey, your a GOD! The one hand solo on the drums has me sleepless at night to work out how you do it. [Yes, it's fascinating, isn't it? I saw him do it at a drum clinic in Stockholm last year, and the trick has to do with resting/bouncing the middle of the stick off the rim of the drum. Drum loving Ed.]

We got to meet the band after and the took time out to shake everyone's hand, talk to them and sign autographs!

Can't describe just how good a show it was and can't wait till you guys come back cause I'll be at the front row again!!

Krys & Scott

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