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Just superb!

Well if you didn't tingle all over after this show you would have to be a brick. What a great show.

I have been to three Purple concerts in Perth, 1984 1999 and now 2001 and this was by far the best. Lots of songs that I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I'd hear live. What a treat to hear "Mary Long" (one of my very favorites), "Pictures of Home" and "Hush".

The venue was excellent for the accoustics. Burswood Dome is nice and big, but you really "feel" the sound at the P.E.C. This is the tightest I have seen Deep Purple ever. They absolutely had a ball on stage, lots of smiling laughing and skylarking made watching them as much a treat as listening to them. And Steve Morse just fits like a glove. He seems to have gained much more confidence since '99 and has a style that is just perfect for Purple.

Ian Gillan was in excellent form also and his voice held strong for the entire show. No break downs like '99. And a very sweet voice it was too. Introducing each song with a short story, which I love because we all like to hear our heros speak as well as sing. It made the night just that little more intimate.

Roger, Ian Paice, & Jon were once again impeccable. That magic, reliable bass, drums & keyboards. There is a wonderful understanding between these guys live and I suppose there should be after all this time but hey; It's still pretty impressive every time.

The three piece brass section was a great touch and the girls, well they were just fabulous as well. The guys even stayed on stage after the encore to sign autographs, throw drum sticks and plectrums and lay out a few good old fashioned high fives to those lucky enough to be within reach. Never ever seen a band do that before. Not a any show I ever went to anyway. I was impressed.

Well, that was two weeks ago. I have not yet lost the glow I got from that concert. God, I hope they come back again. I'm going to take my kids next time. Let them see what it is their dad has been going nuts about for the past 32 years.

Ian, Jon, Ian, Roger & Steve. Well done. Superb, just superb.

Rory & Chris Elward

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