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Sydney show

Back in New Zealand recovering from the hit and run mission to catch the Sydney show, it's hard to describe the feeling from having finally got to see Deep Purple live after 20 odd years and a couple of near misses. But suffice to say it's as close to a religious experience as this confirmed atheist is going to get! The lads were absolutely superb. I went with a couple of mates who I would describe as 'occasional' fans, not a nut like myself, and they were just blown away.

I'm not into long reviews, so just a couple of personal highlights:

- "Fools". Magnificent, all the power of the original and then some. Not far behind, "Lazy", "Perfect Strangers", "When A Blind Man Cries" ..... oh bugger it, the whole damn set!

- If Gillan's voice is shot, then nobody's told him. He was in great form, both in song and in banter with the crowd.

- Paicey's one handed drum role. I not a drummer, so just stared in disbelief.

- Now I know why they call Steve 'Smiley'. This guy just loves what he does, and he does it bloody well!

What more can I say, a dream fulfilled.

Special mention to the guys from The Burning Stormbringers who played after the gig at the "3 Wise Monkeys" bar. Just when it looked like a cock-up had occurred and a bar full of Purple heads were going to have to start a riot having endured the world's crappiest pub band, up stepped this three piece playing mostly MK III & IV covers. They blew the place apart for an hour, and capped off a truly memorable night. [Cool idea! But a three-piece?? No organ?!?! Disbelieving Ed.]


Geoff Cotton

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