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Purple had a great night on stage, they appeared lively with enthusiasim. Ian's voice appear young and bright. Although with only two hours of playing, it entirely demonstrate their techniques.

With routine greetings, Ian scream out, "Superb! Thank You very much! I thank you! I THAAAAAANK YOU!!!" And the following is some of my feeling towards the set list(may not be very accurate):

"Woman From Tokyo", with Ian Paice's great introduction and gradual build up by the band. It pushed the audience into great excitement. People went crazy when the introduction came up. Following it is "Ted The Mechanic", great. Steve performed freely and with good feeling throughout this song.

The song on "Purpendicular" which makes me feel most excited is "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming". Other slow songs like "When A Blind Man Cries" were also played. But I was disappointed that people tended to walk around to the toilet and go out smoking when they play slow songs. This is a great disrespect.

Songs in the middle include "Hey Cisco", "No One Came", "Fools". Inbetween, I really appreciate Purple playing Chinese style of music, they really tailor-made the show for the different nationalities. GREAT MERITS SHOULD BE GIVEN TO DEEP PURPLE!

The routine but exciting songs that must be played is "Lazy", "Perfect Strangers". In Jon's keyboard solo before the song he played one verse of "Soldier Of Fortune" and included some classical melodies throughout his solo. His speed and feeling push the audience's atmosphere into a high mood. Really marvellous. It is much different when listening and watching him playing the fast solo in front of you.

Steve's solo is great before "Smoke On The Water". It includes some folk songs and rock and roll riffs. The audience really enjoyed this. When "Smoke On The Water" comes out, it drives people to stand up. Everyone are following the lyrics. Approaching the end of the song, they let the audience sing "SMOKE ON THE WATER! A FIRE IN THE SKY!" It was absolutely great.

"Speed King" is the climaz of the show. With solos from the whole band, it is wonderful. The most meomorable two scenes for me was Ian Paice playing the snare drum only with one hand and the other hand unoccupied. Whereas Ian Gillan show his great talent in improvising with Steve Morse. With words and rhythms in Ian's improvisation with Steve, it creates a great entertainment.

The encore songs were "Hush" and "Highway Star". Then it ends the show. It was only a two hour show and I think is not enough for me. But with their great enthusiasim in these two hours, APPRECIATION should be given to them. Special merits should be given to Ian Gillan. Although many people claim his voice was damaged and spoiled. But once again, he proven himself as a great singer of rock and roll and DEEP PURPLE.

Dominic Kwok

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