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"Fools" - oh my God!!

It seemed to take a lifetime after purchasing tickets several months beforehand, but they came, they saw and they kicked ass. It was all over in about two hours and time seemed to really fly.

The show was not as 'polished' as in '99, in my opinion. This made the show more casual (there was a mix-up with the setlist) but the performance was brilliant. Ian Gillan was chatty and his voice was perfect. Steve Morse was his usual brilliant self, Ian Paice did some new amazing things with his kit and Jon Lord tapped away like a demon. Roger Glover's playing really stood out, his bass sound was spine tingling. Each member had some new 'solo' bits to show off, it was great.

It's amazing how intimate they seem to be with the audience, really making you feel part of the show. The sound was fantastic.

Highlights were "Hush", "Fools" (oh my god!!), "Speed King" (brilliant version, best so far), "Hey Cisco", "Mary Long", "'69", and "When A Blind Man Cries". I reckon Ian's voice was better than in '99. He gave the audience some background on "Hey Cisco" and seemed very passionate. Glover & Morse did a lot more guitar 'dancing' together and the crowd just lapped it up. Brilliant performance, can't wait till next time.

Also met the guys at the airport and after the concert, and went to both the Paice and Morse clinics. Got lots of photos and signatures. Paice and Morse were particularly courteous and willing to sign or be photographed. If they're headed your way... Don't miss them!!!


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