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It's more than 12 hours since the show was over!!!! But the hair on my head is STILL on its ends after listening to the BEST BAND THAT HAS EVER WALKED ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH!!!OOOPPPS... PURPLE EARTH!!!

India gets to see a few quality bands!!! We were treated to the best music for almost two hours!!!!! People from all over had come to Bangalore (a south Indian city) for the show!!!!!!

Gillan is as good as ever!!!!!!!! GODD!!!!! His vocals... even at this age are the best you can ever ask for!!!!!!!!

Jon Lord's solo on the keyboards, after the show opened with "Woman From Tokyo" sent the crowd screaming for more!!!!!!!!

"Lazy", "Ted The Mechanic", "Mary Long", "When A Blind Man Cries", "Smoke On The Water"!!!!! (The entire arena went mad!!!), "Speed King", "Hush"!!!!!!, "Fireball", "Black Night", "Perfect Strangers"... The show ended with "HIGHWAY STAR"!!! YES, YES, YES!!!!!! "HIGHWAY STAR"!!!!

The Indian music scene will never never never be the same after Purple!!!!!!!

Paice had a solo on the drums which was unbelievable!!!!!!! The treats kept on coming... Glover broke into another solo!!! Morse blew up the arena with his solo!!!!!!!!!

Abhinand Raghavan

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