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This was without a doubt one of the best concerts I've ever been to in my life. Deep Purple are a band (the band) who influenced me the most in my musical career.

I saw them in Sydney in 1985 on the "Perfect Strangers" tour and they were great then! This night though surpassed it for me as I witnessed such incredible solos and song arrangements from Steve Morse and my idol Jon Lord - who, turning 60 this year I believe, lived up to his unbeatable reputation as one of the greatest band keyboard players ever! Hammond organ solos like I never thought I would hear! (And only hope to come close to playing!) Not only that but there was a beautiful moment in one song (I forget which one) where it all went quiet and Jon Lord played some very moving string lines on his Korg M1 - he stroked the keys with such feeling that it came out in the sounds that were so heavenly I almost was crying.

The only drawback was some inconsiderate yobbos with no musical appreciation sitting behind us arguing over who was next shout at the bar. But in perspective they got what they came for - great hard rock!!!

Fancy starting off with "Woman From Tokyo"!!! Yeeeeow!!! Ian Gillan was a true class act who sang to the very back of the hall! Steve Morse can stay in this band forever! Ian Paice is as solid as ever and Roger Glover - the man who brought "Smoke On The Water" into being - played like a man with a passion.

I will definitely see them again and may they always live in the annals of rock history!

John McKenna

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