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DP performed in Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur Sepang Airport Car Park on 18th March, after the Sepang International F-1 car race, where Schumacher won again on the same day as DP perform.

The performance is very good. I feel that the sound system is not good enough as I was in the first row dead center (I am sure Gillan and Morse stared right in my eyes at least twice each, and not only to me, to others too). Not as big a crowd as their last concert in Malaysia two years ago, there are 30 speakers for the audiance. Last concert there are 96 speakers!!!! [Did you count them!? Disbelieving Ed.]

From the internet, I think they perform the same songs as in Australia, even the encores were the same, as I've seen elsewhere on "The Highway Star". For me, the highlight is "Smoke On The Water", when Steve Morse make a completely different song of guitar for about three minutes, highlighting on his fingering tactic, and the stage being darkenned, spot light on him. It is such a nice piece that nobody realize when they continue to the riff for "Smoke... because everybody is jumping. "Perfect Strangers" featured good lighting and good screaming.

In love with Steve.

Seemingly Steve is so young, and good guitar picker. I was in the front row, and it seems that Ian and Steve love their audiences, and always smiling and making eye contact with their audience. Steve and Roger threw many picks to their audience, and Steve accidentally throw a piece, directly to and hit my front teeth!!!! He noticed it and felt very bad!!! (He couldn't play his guitar??) and he has to, twice, ask the stage front security guard to pass a pick to me, unfortunately the security is an idiot and a dumb, he threw it back to all the audience!!!!

More than this, but what I really appreciate is the guitar solos of him, especially the interlude into "Smoke On The Water".

Come to the encore, they play "Hush" and "Highway Star" with Glover doing the intro for a long long time.

The Malaysian problem of the concert is that the sound system is not good enough!! Tho many Marshall amps, it was not the clear sound that the audience at the front seat heard. 30 percent was noise!! And I remember at their last concert the sound was really loud, but I did complain that at this concert it was not loud enough!! Though, my ear goes humming after the concert, early next morning when I wake up, and I am not sure if anything is wrong, I hear hissing or white noise sound in my ear, until now. Have to go and see a doctor!!!!!

Being an old fan of DP, each time I see them live, I feel my hair stand on end, really it is not sentimental, but I feel like they are my old friends. (My first tape is a TDK C90 "Machine Head", then I have "Machine Head" in TDK Metal tape, TDK SA chrome tape, vinyl record, CDs, just for "Machine Head"!!! And much other DP software!!) And to tell you a true secret, each time, it brought tears to my eye to see them!!!!!! AND THAT IS EMOTION!!!

M. K. Chen

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