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Sydney, Concert and Meet & Greet - 2001

Well, what can I say?? The entire experience was wonderful, unbelievable, inspiring, perfection or as in Ian's words, "Superb!"

I can't say one bad thing about the concert. It was perfect! Actually, the only bad thing is that the experience went by too fast. All of the songs that they played were played to perfection. They sounded just as good - if not better - than what they did on recordings.

Steve's solo just before "Smoke On The Water" was mind blowing! His hands are blessed that they can play so wonderfully!! I have never seen or heard anything live that brilliant before in my life! Ian's solo on the drums was also wonderful.

I went to the signing the following day and I am sure that I must have looked like a complete idiot! I had so many things to say to them but as soon as I got close to them (Ian Gillan, Steve Morse & Roger Glover), I couldn't speak a word - which is unusual for me cause usually people find it hard to shut me up!! I just had this silly grin on my face the whole time and all I could say was "Hi" and "Thanks".

Overall, it is definitely an experience that I will never forget!! I will smile always when I think of it! To aspiring young musicians like myself (I'm seventeen), they give us such a passion of the music and remind us that it's not about the money - it's purely about the music.

Thanks, Deep Purple, for the best concert of my life & sorry for looking dumb at the signing!! [I'm sure no one noticed but you, Giulia. :-) Ed.]

Good luck and I hope to see you back here in Australia in a few years!!


Giulia Allport

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