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Brisbane Deep Purple gig

What can I say. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I arrived at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre at around 7.00pm. Went back stage and met Roger Glover and Steve Morse getting a bite to eat before the show. I had a great yarn to them about the band, new album, ect. Colin Hart was running around as usual making sure everything was OK for the that evening's show.

At 8.55 the band was ready to rock and roll so I made my way to my seat. As the lights dimmed I saw Ian Paice make his way to the drum kit and start the intro to "Woman From Tokyo" and then the place was on fire. I have been a Purple fan since my father grew me up with that music. It was playing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I went with my father to DP in 1984 - the "Perfect Strangers" tour - and in 1999 for the "Abandon" tour. Purple has never let its fans down always giving 100% and this night was no exeption.

Gillan's voice was fantastic, Glover/Paice were a solid combination, the Lord/Morse magic rivalry. Another great thing was the inclustion of "Mary Long" and "Fools".

After the show I went back stage and had a great time and a great yarn with Ian Gillan, Roger and Steve. Jon Lord and Ian Paice weren't to be seen. Maybe they had to rest for the next show. I asked Ian about his bare foot show and he said he hurt his toe a couple a days before and couldn't wear shoes.

These guys are truly rock legends with hearts of gold. I would also personally like to thank Colin Hart, a big man with a big heart.

If anyone had any doubts to why DP has the biggest selling DVD they should have been at the show. Keep on rock & rolling!


Andrew Andrews

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