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A brief history: From what I have read, I think Im the only female teenager whos written a review. Im 17 and can I say: What a superb concert!

I was overwhelmed by the fact that a band that I admire and see as an icon played right before my very eyes, they proved that legendary rock still exists. I want to thank you for the opportunity. Who knows when I'll see a band years before my time dish out music as good as this!

The set list was amazing and Im thanking you for coming back and playing "Hush" and "Highway Star" (they're two of the best).

Being the daughter of a drummer I have to say that Ian Paice's solo rocked and the medley was electric. That's the only word I have thought of since that night in Sydney! A lot of the songs from that time are the ones I listen too... ELECTRIC!

Overall it was a fantastic show for, my dad, my aunt, a friend who only ever heard two of the songs and myself.

Thanks for putting on the greatest show of my life and thank you for having shared the talent that is Deep Purple!

Renita Johnson

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