[ d e e p P u r . p l e ) The Highway Star

India review

Deep Purple kicked ass in Banglore, India - BIG TIME!!!!!

This was probably Bangalore's BIGGEST and HOTTEST ever rock show. The show was packed with people coming in from different parts of the country and Deep Purple did not disappoint.

The opening act by Thermal and a Quarter was very good, though the music they played (grunge'ish) was very different from the classic rock eruption from Purple later on.

The band kicked-off with "Woman From Tokyo" and finished off with "Highway Star" as their encore. What happend in between was pure magic. Mixed with some amazing solos by everyone in the band (my fav was Ian'), and some great improvisations..I think the evening was something to die for!!!

Deep Purple (still) Rulz!!!!!!

Vinay S. Paramanand

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