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Hand it to Steve Morse

Last time I saw Ian Gillan he was fronting Black Sabbath at Reading Rock Festival - and the other guys I saw at a Whitesnake concert even earlier so it came as a suprise to see that they still haven't lost it - except for the hair at least.

They played to a full house and although the crowd remained seated throughout it was well received. They covered all the major hits except for "Child In Time" which was a bit of a faux pas in my book.

I think you would ultimately have to hand it to the guitarist - if I didn't know better I would have thought that Deep Purple were a vehicle to display this guy's undeniable talents.

So when are the Sabs going to reform and play Hong Kong? [One week their reunion is off, the next it's on... You tell us! Ed.] The expats here need to be on the rock and roll map!

Minnie Mouse

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