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A dream-like experience

A mind blowing concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on 4th March 2001 was a fitting climax to a dream-like experience.

The set has evolved with a strong emphasis on the new Mark of DP (Mark VII). Some of the evergreens like "Child In Time" never happened. But a great revival of "Mary Long" didn't exactly take you back in time, as it actually sounded quite contemporary.

The show was tight as a rat's ass. I earlier asked Roger if they ever made any mistakes on stage and he said Jon had suggested many years ago, "if you make a mistake, repeat it, so no one knows". I listened for mistakes and repeats. Heard none.

The Australian leg of the tour featured a 3 man horn section and a 3 woman back-up vocal section. Brilliantly directed. They were there, but not there. Sooo subtle and excellently arranged parts.

Greg Coelho

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