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Sydney rocks

Deep Purple came on stage at 8.55 pm. For two hours, they played an excellently typical Purple concert. Pure strong rock sound.

The set list
1- "Woman From Tokyo"
2- "Ted The Mechanic"
3- "Mary Long"
4- "Lazy"
5- "No One Came"
6- "Black Night"
7- "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming"
8- "Fools"
9- "Perfect Strangers"
10- "Hey Cisco"
11- "When A Blind Man Cries"
12- "Smoke On The Water"
13- "Speed King"

1- "Hush"
2- "Highway Star"

We were all taken by a sudden direct start and "Woman From Tokyo". The sound was just perfect, well balanced and warm. In a matter of fact Steve Morse explained backstage that he had his 6 PD 5150 set up as 4 on dry, and 2 on echo. Gillan chose to welcome the audience before starting the 2nd song in the list "Ted The Mechanic".

Roger and Ian Paice maintained an extremely healthy and original rhythmic work throughout the concert. This differently is guaranteeing memorable moments of sheer musicality generated from the nearby pair Lord and Morse.

Lordís Korg, and his ever-powerful Hammond keyboard is just pouring in pure sweet liquid sound. The original feeling of analog natural sounds are well preserved, with no or minimum digital additives. Steve Morse is a very accomplished rock guitarist - he knows all tricks - the musical dialogues between him and Jon Lord are striking in speed, smoothness, and in MELODY.

I always, felt that Ian has, over the years kept his great distinctive voice, and skillfully is able to always expose, and frame out those subtle notes we know from each song.

I was taken to other levels of thrill and ecstasy specially in "Lazy", "Perfect Strangers", "When A Blind Man Cries", and "Speed King". These to just name few. I could clearly hear the audience around me calling Ian "You are a Legend". In the mean time, Gillan constantly maintained a happy and cheerful approach to the audience. He wanted a top rock concert, and also a good time guaranteed for all.

"Perfect Strangers", what a delivery. Very melodic voice from Ian Gillan packed with emotional atmosphere created by a wailing guitar from Steve Morse, and symphonic harmony work from Jon Lord. A master piece of blues-rock on stage.

Ian Paice did a classy solo at this Sydney concert; it came in the middle of "Speed King". Ian is the master of speed, and every strike is in its place. His drum sound and performance in concert is identical to what we know from the records and CDís. A drums master of our times.

Roger Glover has set up SVT speakers too - the bass is just right - very confident and has a great presence on stage. Roger delivered a very dynamic solo, attempting notes across the whole fretboard, and very speedy transition between the high and lower octaves.

I personally loved "Highway Star" - the two together - play from Roger and Steve Morse. Great Rock on stage. Thanks guys.

Backstage Roger was a great DP PR. Morse spoke also, about his guitar techniques. They came out first. Ian was 3rd to talk to the fans and share some drinks with us. Jon Lord had the aura of a great maestro in an elegant black suite. Ian Gillan came out in a very sporty gentle manner.

I thanked Jon Lord for his mastership in his latest work "Pictured Within". Ian Paice answered my questions about his work with McCartney, and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) on Paulís album "Run Devil Run". He said it was; pure fun to play songs he grew up with and in the Cavern.

The masters of rock were all extremely nice and welcoming to us all. Honoured to have taken photos with each of them, I thank them all again for a wonderfull evening with Deep Purple.

Note: The concert is a great experience, which any Deep Purple fan must have.


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