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Live... in Hell

Well, so they finally did it. Deep Purple went straight to Hell... and played their hearts out. Yes sir, they did.

The "Concerto" was just fantastic. Amazing, and different from what we fans are used to when attending a Deep Purple show.

They started out with "Pictured Within", and Miller Anderson proved to be a very good singer (if anybody, for some reason, should doubt that).

Deep Purple opened their part with, hold on to your hats, "Fools". It was so damn good that it scared me. Gillan was, as always, on top form, and my opinion is that he sings better now than in the 70's. Yes, I know that he can't hit all the high 'scream-notes', but then again - screaming isn't the same as singing. These days Mr. Gillan SINGS, and he do it with style. He proved to be a good dancer too (you've all seen the way he moves on stage!) Quite sexy, Mr Gillan.

Now then, what about Steve Morse then? What can I say that isn't already said? He is just so... so... so... He's the MAN!!! And that sums him up really well, right? Jon Lord looked like he was having a splendid time, especially during the "Concerto". This was his night, and this is his tour. Glover and Paice smiled all the way through, and they certainly are the best rhythm section in the world. My God, they're good!!!

It was the first time for me to see Dio live, and that was quite an experience too. He still sings like in the early days - very powerful voice.

The setlist (as I remember it, but probably not in this order):

"Pictured Within" (thank you for the goosebumps Mr. Anderson.)
"Fools" (Extremely good... So good it scared me.)
"Pictures Of Home" (Got 'classic' written all over it, and with an orchestra...)
"Sitting In A Dream" (Nice drumming, Mr. Paice.)
"Love Is All" (Glover goes Beatles, a fun song)
"Fever Dreams" (New one from Dio - I liked it!)
"Rainbow In The Dark" (Very powerful, but what can you expect when you got Deep Purple as your backing band!)
"Concerto For Group And Orchestra" (Ahhhhhh.....Thank you, my sweet Lord)
"Perfect Strangers" (Oh yeah, back to '84. Tthis is a real killer tune)
"Ted The Mechanic" (New Purple-classic. I, for one, dig it)
"Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" (Thank you, Mr. Morse. This song belongs to you.)
"Smoke On The Water" (Don't know this one. Never heard it, but someone told me it is Purple's best known song. Really? Hmmm...)[Nice one, Roy! :-) Ed.]

Thank you guys for a night we all will remember for years to come, but guys: Don't make us experience another 40 years in Hell waiting for Deep Purple. Got it?

Love to the band and their friends, and to all the fans around the world from Roy... C U around... somewhere... sometime...

Roy Alfred Hårstad

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