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Rotterdam, Ahoy 30-10-2000


Just home from a superb concert by Deep Purple. Today was the 9th time I've seen the best band in the world playing, and this concert was one of the best.

The concert started at 20:00 with an introduction from Jon Lord saying that they had changed the program and would start out slowly, then go a little harder, and in the end they would blow our heads off. They started with "Pictured Within", then Ronnie James Dio joined the band, playing four numbers: "Sitting In A Dream", followed by "Love Is All", then he played one from his new album "Magica", "Fever Dreams", and to end "Rainbow In The Dark".

After this Ian Gillan joined the band. I can't remember the set list (I hope someone does), but they played: "Fools" (I've never seen this live before), "When A Blind Man Cries", "Wring That Neck", "Pictures Of Home", "Ted The Mechanic", "Watching The Sky", "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming", "Perfect Strangers" and "Smoke On The Water" (with an excellent intro from Steve Morse, he must love the music from Led Zeppelin), and maybe more.

Between this they played "The Concerto", the battle between orchestra and band, which took about 30 minutes and was perfect. At the end the audience was making so much noise (they all loved the show) that they came back for "Black Night" and "Highway Star". 22:30 and it was all over.

Thanks Messrs. Gillan, Glover, Lord, Morse and Paice, you're still the best.

Ruth Drost

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