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From Buenos Aires

This is a translation of what I wrote in Spanish.

I'm a super fan of Deep Purple. I'm 18 years old. I'm from Buenos Aires, and I saw the show on September 2nd in the Estadio . When I arrived the Estadio , and ever since I bought my ticket ($40) I had a lot of expectations, because it was the first time I saw my idols live.

I knew that the Buenos Aires orchestra would play with them, but I also listened to a woman who took the microphone before the concert, and she said that after an hour of the "Concerto", Deep Purple would play their classics such as "Black Night" or "Highway Star", etc.

On the radio Rock and Pop (of Mr Grinbak) I also heard that Deep Purple after the hour of "Concerto" would play the classics. But in reality, after the "Concerto" (that was really wonderful) Deep Purple didn't play classics (only "Smoke On The Water" and "Pictures Of Home"). And they didn't play any theme after the concert (bis). And the worst of all is that they played blues and ballads!!!!! As a fan, I cant believe that.

Everybody (about 9000) in the Estadio , sang the first part of the song "Black Night" twice and asked millions of times, but Deep Purple leave the stage and leave Buenos Aires with an absent of Hard Rock. I have to say that the concert was a dream come true to me, because I saw them live. But being objective Purple must play the classics, because the classics are what any fan all around the world want to hear. So, I hope next time the guys will play the themes that the public ask them to, so the people can come out of the stadium full of Deep Purple's Hard Rock.

Anyway, Thanks for the music, Deep Purple.

Diego Alvaro Pereira

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